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Toyota Auris Hybrid

Wednesday, October 3rd 2012. | Toyota
2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid – The new model of C- Segment
2013 Toyota Auris Hybrid is the latest model of Toyota. This debut in the Paris Motor Show in the end of September 2012, predicted to meet challenge with its competitors like VW Golf and New Ford Focus. The Auris Hybrid comes with the new face small slight look design, excellent fuel economy and new interior elegant design. Apparently, Auris has a bland look. The face seemly sharper and it differ from the Prius and the Yaris, but it is mixing both of them.
Start from the engine power.

toyota auris blue

Of course there are choices depending where it is for. In Japan and Asia, the 2013 Auris Hybrid produced in 1.8 liters engine with the 6 manual speeds. In Europe produced in the different engine capacity on 1.3 and 1.4 liters with petrol engine and 1.6 liters using turbo diesel. The higher fuel-economy make more efficient spending budget, it can complete 700 miles trip just only by one tank of petrol. Together with this, 2013 toyota Auris Hybrid delivers with low emission. Toyota state that with CO2 emissions that are less than 100g per-kilometers.

The work of engine, motor and battery join together to proof efficiency and smart driving way. Also some models use the double whishbone suspension which makes eager handling. As the indicator, there are two option of the panel indicator. The low spec which has two gauge and the high spec with three gauge.
The model of the new Auris has little improved on the body length which make it looked more compact to 30 millimeters and lowered to 55 millimeters, it’s why Auris Hybrid differ from other C-segment and the result it has better aerodynamic system.   The new higher quality materials and other modification to the cabin make wider space in the car. With the new design and new material used make this car lost weight up to 40 kilograms.

Toyota auris hybrid white

Lighting and colors give the special touch and feeling interior design.  Other exiting is a ‘skyview’ or panoramic glass view makes the space brighter. Smart packaging formed in the new form of driving position by adding 20mm to rear seat knee room and 90mm load space and all hatchback version at least must have luggage space more than 350 liters and Auris Hybrid provides 360 liters of luggage space. Exterior specs of Auris Hybrid installed with the park assist system.  The parking censor designed with the ultrasonic technology function to make sure the car have enough space parking. Don’t forget too, entertainment is not leaved. Fulfilling the necessary on driving, Auris Hybrid has equipped with audio system.

Toyota auris hybrid white

The sat-nav, which is supplied by Navteq makes easily to see the maps. The data will be stored in the car’s hard disk. Unfortunately the system doesn’t accept seven-digit postcode entry, and then you have to enter street names completely to reach the valid places.

toyota auris hybrid steer

The price has announced from £14,495 for the 1.3 Active to £21,745 for the Hybrid Excel model and will be available in December 2013.Although several specification can be found on the Prius, but as the cars geeks will not ignore the new excellent higher fuel economy.


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