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The New Audi TT

Saturday, October 6th 2012. | Audi

The New Audi TT with the 2×2 coupe and 2 seats body roadster will be the two choices of the next generation of Audi TT. The 2015 new Audi TT will be launched in 2014 and will be more “driver oriented” say Audi officials. new audi tt red

The third-generation of TT also promises sharper styling, more power, less weight and better fuel economy. Will it prepare for the rival of Porsche Boxer? Basically the new MQB transverse architecture developed in the partnership with the parent company Volkswagen the Europe’s larger automaker and the global number 2 in 2011 sales. new audi tt interrior

In 2014 Audi will be bring a new model. Inspired from the Audi E-Tron this next generation of Audi will look sharper with the narrow slim headlamps in the front and its big hexagonal grille up front makes this car like a supercar than the Audi regularly. The LED expected to make the headlamps as well as back lamps audi tt blue

Hot formed steel and thinner-section members become the technical side becomes lighter and stiffer chassis. Because the aluminum implemented material was focused here, it will combined with the lighter chassis will reduce the weight more than 60kg with the current of 1240kg. In the same sense, expected Audi’s typical high-quality interiors will continue with leather and aluminum abound with 8-inch touch screen taking centre stage. Moreover the car will be designed in the inner structure with the higher percentage of lightweight aluminum in the bulkheads and floor. Aluminum also will make up for the bodyshell in the large portion. From the source who saw the final design of this car still with the same basic dimension as TT now; Length of 4185mm, width 1840mm wide and height of audi tt black

The 118kW 1.8 liter and 147kW 2.0 liter TFSI turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will continue this next generation, might hope expected to produce 132 kW to 160kW as possibility of Audi’s cylinder-deactivation technology being worked. Also the more efficient 2.0 liter TDI turbo diesel will also available with power increase above 125kW. Under the hood, the current of turbocharged four and five cylinder engines are expected to give more audi tt white

While the other details of engine option of this third generation of Audi TT is still unknown, on appraisal, both diesel and petrol will be the option as the previous Audi’s generation. Once again, about both variant coupe and roadster will be offered by Audi.
For the good news, a complete makeover will available on this Audi TT in 2014.

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