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The 2013 Prosche Panamera

Thursday, September 27th 2012. | Porsche

The 2013 Prosche Panamera is a brand new cars of Porsche motor company. Added new model from S model. Bring the turbo engine, hybrid powertrain. With the bigger power it also bring larger front brakes, three adjustable spoiler and 19 inch wheels.

2013 porsche panamera silver

The other features is front fascia, headrest embroidery and stability control programming. The resonant pipes sound come from the manifold intake into one A pillars, make the exhaust snarl with precombustion music more balance. The soundtrack helped with quicker shifts and good engine tuning when gearchanges.The 2013 Panamera cut ignition and fuel momentarily to smooth the shifts. Without no doubt, this car is very fast.

2013 porsche panamera race

The statistic said it can run 0-60 in 4 seconds, what a incredible speed. The 2013 Posche Panamera is lights and aggressive looked from the dark exhaust pipes. The Porsche engineer have been developed new system called the Sound Symposer. This system make a mechanism that channels the cars reedy roar from the system of intake manifold betwwn the air filters and throttle valves. You can summon the louder pipes from separate button on the console. Lets we move into the transmission system.

2013 porsche panamera engines

When you apply you right foot, it will steps out smartly and the PDK transmission will shifts up and down as any world class sedan, the pipes burble softly in the background without intrusive. It such an aggressive car. The steering is very quick, smooth, precise, and sharp. The car goes with no lag and minimal body roll. With the big tires will make not nibbling at those road irrelugar road surface.

2013 porsche panamera rims

The standars iron brakes makes feel strong to stop the car although in the high speed condition. As you can expect from this sedan, its more than comfortable in the inside, the interior gets more sportified. The seats are supportive and firm. The side bolstering stitched in the leather. The center section are all wrapped in soft and grippy alcantara suede.

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