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Sport Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Thursday, August 9th 2012. | Chevrolet

The Cevrolete Corvette ZR1 is the most fastest,powerful and the most expensive which Corvette ever made. It can burst 638 Hp, used ceramic brakes made by Brembo which same used by Bugati Veyron and in the suspension it used sophisticated suspension same made with Ferrari suspension. This maximum power can reach 6500 rpm and torque 604 pound-feet at 4000 rpm,use supercharger. It built by hand made in Wixon,Michigan. The test of speed it need only 3.4 seconds to reach 0-60mph and can reach top speed 205mph.

cevrolete corvette zr1 street view

Exotic looks, exotic materials

the material most used to made the Cevrolete Corvette  ZR1 is carbon fiber. In the roof and front fascia splitter it uses raw carbon appearance with protective clear coat. When you look to the hood it painted like the rest of the car but in the underside it exposed fiber carbon for increased the novelty.

The new feature is the hood made by clear polycarbonate window that provides the new view of top engines intercooler and also embossed LS9 supercharged lettering..

Brakes, Tires, and Wheels

The Cevrolete Corvette ZR1 wheels is the largest ever made by corvette both in diameter and width. The rims are 20 inch in diameter in rear and 19 inch  in front. While in rear width is 12 inches and in the front wheels 10 inches of width.

The breaking system is made from Brembro six piston caliper carbon ceramic with 15.5 inches in front and four piston calipers 15 inches at the rear. The GM said that the rotors are so durable so you could not replace it for the whole life of this vehicle.

Adjustable suspension

The corvette ZR1 comes with magnetive selective ride control suspension system. Same with technology used in Ferarri car models. MSRC automatically adjusted with the land driving conditions and the dinamycs of vehicle like in cornering, braking it for make optimal handling.This system adjusted every millisecond so it make sharp handling during high speed and smooth riding while cruising..

Optional premium interior features

In the interior of ZR1 it made by premium interior package. It includes power adjustable leathe, sports seat, leather wrapped interior element, Bluetooth system, navigation system. The leather are available in four colours.


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