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Lexus GS350

Monday, August 13th 2012. | Lexus

The new Lexus GS350 comes with a new exterior design called “spindle” design. To make it more aerodynamic, the fascia flares made down encase the round and lower fascia flares and angular air inlets. The interior design was really elegant, because its made with classy style,beautiful and comfortable. The materials are luxurious. When you look at the dashboard you will find the dash with 12 inch navigation and complete with the control screen. You also will find something act like mouse to scan and select the function in the screen dashboard like we usually seen in the other high luxurious car.

lexus gs350

The new features in the Lexus GS350 is “safety connect”. The other features is stuff which can combine infotainment and reservation of restaurant with voice command.

Stitched leather, soft look metal trim,wood and ambient of lightning make the lexus gs350 look elegant. Eco friendly bamboo accents made in the dash and the steering wheel. All the steering wheel is hand crafted. It need wood trim to a new level.

The lovely Lexus GS350 is powered by a smooth, sophisticated V6 engine with both port injection and direct supply so the engine can produce 306 HP and 277 pound feet of torque. The sound of the engine off the line is very smooth, with a touch of hardcore machine.

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