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Holden Statesman V-8

Saturday, August 11th 2012. | Holden

Holden Statesman V-8 is one of luxurious version which loccaly built by RWD cars. You know it often used by some country gentry, for example the statesman and the fairlane combined with ruggedness. On the auto V8 engines, the holden adopten new technology named cylinder deactivation. The most incredible in this technology is you can switching the modes in either four cylinder or in eight cylinder depends on load and the other factors.

holden statesman side

The exhaust valves and the inlet are closed when in four cylinder mode. So it means it reduce pumping losses. The other effect is no more pump air need through four its cylinder.the key to make it fuel economic is the throtle are latered so there is not sudden lost torque when the four cylinder stop to work.

Lets we take a look in the interior in the holden statesman v-8. First the interior space is very large and excellent packaging. It total 535 litres. But unfortunately the spare wheel is awkward to maneuver and very heavy. So I think its not easy to smaller or older people would able to extract it. In the test car there was also clear clunking noise from the front suspension, although in cruise the car is quiet and refined.

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