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2013 Audi S6
Tuesday, November 6th 2012 | Audi
2013 Audi S6 Sedan after one year vacuum on the car production, Audi S6 comes back with some refinement and development. Priced higher from some competitor, much bucks of Dollar is the proper choice for the car with the first-class interior and twin-turbo V8 engine. The 2013 Audi S6 is the powerful car as the ...
2013 Audi S8
Tuesday, November 6th 2012 | Audi
The 2013 Audi S8 is the time for Audi to introduce stronger and quicker luxury sedan’s lineup that will be the Audi’s badge to receive. For the 2013, into S8 is added some huge performance and features that the using of V8 engine, more lightweight body, high-class interior and improved safety technologies. For now, Audi ...
2013 Audi Q7
Saturday, November 3rd 2012 | Audi
2013 Audi Q7 this is the second generation of Audi Q7 exist in the crowd SUV class market. For the 2013, Audi Q7 has refined almost the part. Offering the option of diesel engine is the new for the generation. When compared to its competition, the 2013 Audi Q7 has a shorter interior space just ...
2013 Audi S7
Friday, November 2nd 2012 | Audi
2013 Audi S7 the new comer from Audi has revealed the power secret of sedan segment. Created as the stronger low-end performance engine, Audi S7 has the same power plants to the S6 model despite the S7 come with the less horsepower it can described by the fuel economy  aspect. The S7 is the newest ...
Audi RS4 Avant
Friday, October 26th 2012 | Audi
Audi RS4 Avant starting debut in the Geneva Auto Show in 2012, Audi reveals the new RS4 Avant’s specification and the full details. This Germany automaker will enlivened the wagon car class with high-viewing V8. Like the other RS model, Audi RS4 Avant offers the same sense of the sporty car for everyday use. Of ...
The New Audi TT
Saturday, October 6th 2012 | Audi
The New Audi TT with the 2×2 coupe and 2 seats body roadster will be the two choices of the next generation of Audi TT. The 2015 new Audi TT will be launched in 2014 and will be more “driver oriented” say Audi officials. The third-generation of TT also promises sharper styling, more power, less ...
Audi R8 GT3
Thursday, October 4th 2012 | Audi
The Audi R8 GT3 starting by the courtship between Audi and GT3-class racing teams it result the Audi R8 GT3. It is the first racing cars produced by Audi which specifically developed for the customer use. “R16” is codenamed for the project developed under the direction of Audi sport. Therefore, the trademark Quattro all-wheel-drive system ...
Audi Allroad
Monday, September 24th 2012 | Audi
Soon, Germany car company, Audi, will released the A4 allroad series that expected can replace the A4 and S4 series which were introduced to the US market in last June 2012. Unlike the previous A4 avant model, this Audi allroad-or usually known in name Audi Allroad Quattro-appears in wagon body design instead of sedan which ...