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2014 Ford Fiesta

Saturday, March 23rd 2013. | Ford

Ford is set to revolutionized the subcompact hatch and sedan market once again with its 2014 Ford Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta has received a cult following from drivers who want performance, fuel economy, and class all in a subcompact. That’s exactly what they got with the outgoing Ford Fiesta—and that’s what they will get again—and more—with the 2014 Fiesta.

2014 Ford Fiesta side

Although the base engine is a 1.6-liter I4 engine with 120 horsepower, and 112 lb-ft of torque, the highly talked about feature is the three cylinder EcoBoost engine. It’s the smallest of the automaker’s EcoBoost engines—and it’s the most fuel efficient. It reaches 45 mpg in the highway, and a combined rating of 40 mpg,123 horsepower and 148 lb-feet of torque with . These are levels that only hybrid cars can reach, and the Ford Fiesta has managed to level to. This is the power that the 2014 Fiesta’s 1.0-L turbocharged EcoTech engine boasts with its three cylinders. This EcoBoost premium variant comes at a higher $1,000 premium.

Compared to other subcompact sedans and hatchbacks, the pull of the 2014 Fiesta feels more even. It makes a sweet sound that neither feels neither intrusive nor too quiet. Its driving performance won’t make you feel like you’re driving a subcompact at all: it feels commanding, fast, and quite frankly, superior on the road. However, the EcoBoost is only available for manual transmission, and no plans to make it available for the automatic transmission have been made just yet.

2014 Ford Fiesta front

The new 2014 Ford Fiesta boasts the MacPherson Strut Front Suspension, perfect for front-wheel-drive configurations. The engine and the transmission are found in the front compartment. There are also additional braces and stabilizer bar to help reduce the body roll. It is complemented by the Twist-Beam Rear Suspension for ride comfort and to help remain aligned for as long as 150,000 miles.

If you get the RECARO package, you are treated to luxurious partial leather-trimmed seats with the ST logo embroidered in front. This is available in two colors: the Smoke Storm and Molten Orange. The leather treatment continues with the steering wheel for the ST model, to give an even more sporty and luxurious feel. One of the biggest changes of the 2014 Ford Fiesta is its exterior. Its facelift paid off quite well, with a corporate grille that looks both sleek and modern.

2014 Ford Fiesta back

The 2014 Fiesta comes with the MyFord Touch, a new touch screen interface that is sized perfectly and comes with vivid visuals. The Voice Activated Technology is capable of searching your music library, making hands-free phone calls, and even accessing your phone book. And with the rear view camera, reversing won’t be a challenge. The deal sweetener for audiophiles is the Sony Audio system, with 8 speakers and 100 watts of peak power.

2014 Ford Fiesta side (closer)

There are seven standard airbags with Ford’s flagship subcompact. It also has available heated exterior mirrors to protect against snow. Overall, the 2014 Fiesta has received quite commendable ratings from federal crash tests.
The 2014 Ford Fiesta starts at $14,000 for the sedan, and an additional $600 for the hatchback. Fully loading the Fiesta ST can reach the $27,000 mark—including the Recaro seats ($1,995), the MyFord Touch and navigation ($795), and the power moonroof ($795) among others.

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