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2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Thursday, November 15th 2012. | Toyota

The 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser is the reminiscent of FJ40’s classic-styling in the year of 1958. Offering the retro-styling in 2013, there will be no equal competitors in the SUV car segment. FJ Cruiser is completely come with a new sense of the classic thing. Actually none of the rivals will meet the requirement features since it is seem oriented to be just an off-roader SUV. That means no attempt gave to the FJ for the family practical use.

There will be no a luxury impression and no the word “go-fast driving”, but likely the vehicle aimed to be rocky trail specialist. Actually, these opinions are not completely true. Bringing down town is still possible to do and a little bit fashionable, think positively and be a unique one. In my opinion, it was just similarly to the military vehicle, but actually that not true, I mean there will be a subjective judgment, that to have a FJ 2013 Toyota Cruiser is a good decision.

Observing the detail of the car the presence is closely similar to the Hummer. This is just a history and the fact proof that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a stylish car. In some occasion, there an eligible assumption to say that the FJ competes the SUV for off-road orientation such as Nissan Xterra and Jeep Wrangler, but the body style actually far from the similarity. But, to do an off-road they will be. The mater of comfort and convenience of course it is hard to discuss.

For the 2013 actually there are no significant changes to the car. The exterior is crafted to the boxy-styling and sportier. In the front borrows the FJ40’s face. The other standard exterior features includes three wipers on the windscreen, open up and close down the rear door for the passenger entry, the swing gate on the rear with an attached spare tire, and a standard 17-inch wheels. The package is available of TRD package that consist of 16-inch wheels. Inside the car, there are some standard features including air conditioning, power windows, CD stereo and water-resistant seats. The back seats is cramped and there will far from better to bring the car on the long trip. FJ Cruiser will not go fast on the street and it cannot handle the highways.

Under the hood, the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser powered by 4.0-liter V-6 engine that is good to produce 260 horsepower. The V6 actually has a strong performance from the first start paired with five-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission.

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