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2013 Noble M600

Thursday, February 14th 2013. | Noble

Featuring world-class engineering and unsurpassed performance, the 2013 Noble M6 is a dramatic improvement few luxury supercars currently in the market can compare to. It also designed to give the driver as much control as possible, removing as many unnecessary electronic features as possible.

The M600 is equipped with a 4439 cc V8 engine, with three adjustable power settings—race (650 horsepower), road (450 horsepower), and track (550 horsepower). Its top torque is 604 pound-feet at 3800 rpm.

2013 Noble M600 top

For starters, it can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds, with a top speed of 225 mph and a fuel economy rating of 18 mpg. In its fourth gear, it only takes 2.2 seconds to go from 40 to 60 mph, whereas other supercars will need more revs before it goes that far. At third gear, it will only takes 1.4 seconds to go that far. And if you’re really going for hyper-speed, switch to second gear and you’ll catapult from 40 to 60 mph in just 1.1 seconds! With its sharp and accurate handling and steering, the ride quality remains as comfortable as ever.

2013 Noble M600 front

The focus of the 2013 Noble M600 is performance, but that’s not to say that its comfort features are lacking and inferior. With carbon fiber and Alcantara or leather trimming, its upscale interior compares to the likes of Aston Martin and the Lamborghini. The soft woolen carpeting, hand-stitched steering wheel, and leather carpeted luggage put it at the same level as other luxury supercars.

Keeping cosmetic exterior styling at a minimum, the exterior of the 2013 was designed with aerodynamics and stability in mind. By integrating lines and removing any hindrance from the wind, the body style of the M600 optimizes its already superior performance.

2013 Noble M600 back

But that’s not the end of it: the M600 is a supercar made of carbon fiber and stainless steel with carbon laminated exterior. More importantly, the exterior design is a product of science: it has surpassed wind-tunnel test statistics, which is bound to dispel any doubts about the aerodynamics of the M600’s exterior styling.

For its features, you will find the primary essentials and a few welcome tech supplements. This supercar is equipped with a music system, satellite navigation system, and APC (Adaptable Performance Control). With the APC, you can control the engine performance and shift from race to road to track modes.

2013 Noble M600 back (orange)

Among the safety features of the M600 is its chassis made of stainless steel inside an aluminum tub construction. This is an integral safety cell that protects the engine of the car. It has received a high “H” rating for its side impact protection. It has traction control, with a fail-proof switch guard.

The pricing for the Noble M600 stars at $330,000. Only around 50 models of this car are produced every year.

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