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2013 Mercedes Benz SL

Friday, August 17th 2012. | Mercedes Benz

The 2013 Mercedes Benz SL comes with a lot of changed for six generation, its rightful placed to be standing icon of Mercedes brand. The body made 90% from allumunium. And the weight is down to 4000 pounds or about 400 pounds less than the generation before.

2013 mercedes benz sl brown

The new 2013 Mercedes Benz SL fell lighters and less bulky on the feet. This car is smooth when riding, elegan, quiet cabin and seats. This car also provide useful connectivity, new safety equipment and entertainment options. As you can see there is roof panels that changes with the push of button. The usual suit of safety option now includes rear parking sensors and front sensors, which can scan available place and automated parking. The percollision braking and active lane keeping assist make the driver guide the car back into the right lane.

In the engines sector it come with 4.6 litre twin turbo V8 that can produces 430 HP and 516 pound feet of torque. Automatic start/ stop technology comes to make this car more safety. The fuel efficient technology make this car very economics. EPA estimated 16 mpg city/ 24 mpg highway and 19 mpg in combined. Speed test 0-60 mph only need 4.4 seconds, what a very impressive speed cars. The trasmisson is seven speed automatic transsmison.

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