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2013 Ford Focus ST

Thursday, December 20th 2012. | Ford

The 2013 Ford Focus ST, it is most suitable to individuals who prefer dependable cars used mainly to go to work. It is powered by a 252-horsepower 2.0L EcoBoost® engine that enables it to accelerate faster, coupled with peak torque. About 6.2 seconds is all it takes for the 2013 Ford Focus ST to shift from 0-60 mph, classifying it as a high-performance car. Faster acceleration can be a God-send to employees who wake up late for work and have to zoom off just in time. When in a highway or freeway, driving at fast speed can be dangerous if one takes a sudden turn. For this model, safety is not compromised. Its variable-ratio steering rack ensures the car’s ability to hold on to the road without skidding.

Further, the 2013 Ford Focus ST has been reengineered from previous Ford Focus models. Although no drastic overhauls have been performed, the new model sports features that have been tweaked to give a better driving experience. Its tuned suspension paired with its front and rear disc brakes, gives the car the needed stopping power. This is an important consideration when scrutinizing the safety features of a car. Safety is not only for the car’s passengers, but also pedestrians and property as well. This advantage is likewise enhanced by the Torque Vectoring Control. Also, an exhaust system may not seem to be an influential factor in choosing to buy a car. However, with the 2013 Ford Focus ST, its role includes telling the driver about the health of the car or any problems that it is encountering. This is because the said Ford Focus model is outfitted with a sound symposer box. This “sound conveyor” delivers the sounds of internal oscillation engines into the car’s interior.

As to its design, its integrated roof spoiler does not just speak sleek but contributes to the car’s high-speed stability. Its hatchback design with a lower fascia, wraparound taillamps and rear bumper adds to this sleekness. This sleekness is also translated into the aluminum pedals and shift stick. The performance engineering and technology incorporated into the 2013 Ford Focus ST is complemented with alloy wheels that have a Y-spoke design. On the interior, the dashboard features a series of gauges that shows turbo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature levels. Advanced technology is still employed even in these gauges. All in all, the price that includes all the standard features is reasonable.

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