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2012 Smart Frotwo

Sunday, November 4th 2012. | Frotwo

The 2012 Smart Frotwo is a smallest car with the affordable price buyers can purchase. Among other car with a luxurious and lots advanced features Smart Fortwo has its own fascinating to offer. Its superiority to the spacious accommodation for two person event adult people, it has unique body size that fits in the spaces others cannot. Smart Fortwo designed to pierce and penetrate the traffic jam that easily brought to the town riding.

2012 smart fortwo white

This is really a city car with a small engine and small body shape is great to maneuver cross to the crowd environment and require a little space of park. In line with its specialty’s features, of course to own a Smart Fortwo will be very cheap on the running cost. To the convertible model, the Smart Fortwo is an attractive car with the smart retractable roof design that a brilliant packaging for the airy driving and provide direct sun for the city car and on the open road, although it is hard to be brought on the long journey, because of its small engine and the downside of storage space.

2012 smart fortwo front

Considering to its lack of refinement on the 2012 and some downside features such as the rough transmission and unpleasant on the highway ride, actually there are suggestions you can make for the other cars with much prosperous features you can buy. But, despite the Smart Fortwo is one of the least preferred cars on the market, as long as the cars can be easily to handle in the town, why not? Unfortunately, despite to its small size, because of the lacks from its improvement on the transmission system, some customers review said that Smart Fortwo is hard to get a precise parking maneuver. The rough-shift transmission is uncomfortable. The semi-automatic gearbox is hard to use, it needs a smooth throttle progress when you shift the speed up.

2012 smart fortwo side

The 2012 Smart Fotwo Convertible offered in three trim levels, the base, Passion and Brabus version. The standard features including 15-inch alloy wheel, power convertible roof, climate control, USB connection, and leather steering wheel. On the Passion model there will be an addition of satellite navigation and panoramic glass sunroof. On the sporty Brabus model already got a heated leather seats and bodykit. The 2012 Smart Fortwo powered by a rear-mounted 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine that produces 70 horsepower and 68 poun-feet of torque. A five-speed automatic manual transmission is a standard. Smart is owned by Mercedes, which uses the parts from the firm’s line-up. By the three-cylinder that is reliable, but its need the higher costs on servicing.

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