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2012 Lexus LFA

Thursday, October 4th 2012. | Lexus

2012 Lexus LFA As a mid-engine supercar, the 2012 Lexus LFA has 4.8 liters v8 engine that can produces 552 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque, it is for 0-62 time of 3.7 seconds. With the automatic 6-speed paired with RWD. On the road, it consumes the fuel estimated 11 mpg city and 16 mpg highway. That power can reached with the maximum torque of 354 pound-feet peaks at 6800 rpm, with 90 percent available between 3700 and 9000 revs. The brake discs consist of carbon-ceramic material in 15.4 inches in diameter.2012 lexus lfa yellow

Although this car is highly controlled price, we believe in the same similar level of technology, performance and exclusivity it is still cheap. We say Ferrari Enzo in this level with $650,000. At $350,000,2012 Lexus LFA begins with the price to proof an exotic car. With the carbon-fiber composite on it chassis and body make the car look strong and it is the same material used on Enzo or Mercedes SLR Mclaren.
The LFA was incredibly fast and extraordinary ability in the road. It rewarded for the smooth driving and precision inputs through the thick flat-bottom steering wheel. Unlike that Lexus has produced, LFA has some benefit of driving. 2012 lexus lfa rims

It is a unique spot car and almost like a Formula One race car with Toyota’s reputation for reliability and durability behind it. Lexus claims that the new way for Toyota to explore the new technologies, specifically on the carbon-fiber construction. It is said; according to chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi, the advantage of using carbon fiber for the body material is that the possibility to make very sharp edges and specific point that improves the aerodynamic system. Then, Tanahashi added tha the car produces with the improved stability than competitors. In the drag,2012 Lexus LFA has a reasonably low coefficient of 0.31.
Going inside, with its many feature including carbon fiber body, racing multi-link suspension, carbon ceramic brake discs, classy-performance cockpit, smooth hand finished cabin, and high-tech cooling system. The definite Japanese aesthetic, characteristically with it sharp edges. The interior is really tasteful. It has mixing of leather, carbon fiber, Alcantara, and “Satin Metal” coloring the cockpit. Lexus will offer seat in 12 shades of leather or 10 alternate kinds of Alcantara, with three color choices. 2012 lexus lfa steer

The cabin is roomy just it has a smaller luggage space. The bucket seats have eight-way power adjustments and comfort driving position. The easy minor control is similarly in the standard Lexus sedan. Moreover, LFA has the same mouse-style operation of its multifunction center-console screen, as we find in the RX350 sport-ute. For the safety, the most remarkable feature is its airbags. It can inflate in a crash to spread the impact’s forces over a broader section of the body than a traditional belt.


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