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2012 Brabus Rocket

Monday, February 4th 2013. | Brabus

2012 Brabus Rocket 800 continue the predecessor score, the 2012 Brabus ready to impress the world by its speed. The new 2012 Brabus Rocket 800 use the same 12-cylinder high-capacity that has already refined through Brabus engine-building shop. The 2012 Brabus Rocket 800 has a great performance under the hood based on the new Mercedes-Benz CLS generation.

The Brabus Rocket 800 able to produce 800 horsepower and 1,420 pound-feet of torque. On that capability Brabus Rocket can reach 300 km/h from the 0 point just in 23.8 seconds. For the 2012, it is the first time that Brabus equipped with combining of high-end engine with a seven-speed quick-shift gearbox. The gear can be shifted manually on the steering wheel or automatically shifted. The advanced Brabus limited-slip differential available with various final drive ratios and that will optimize the traction on the rear-wheel-drive car.

Brabus Rocket side

For the supercar the mileage is 9.9 mpg city and 21.2 mpg highway or 15 combined between them. Talking about the green environment, this supercar not designed for that purpose with the number of 595 g/mile of C02. In 2012, Brabus brought its Rocket program to the Frankfurt Motor Show with the aesthetic and technical improvement to prove its reputation as the fastest sedan in the world. Since its debut in 1996 with the E V12, Brabus has been building the tradition that it has a speed sedan.

Starting from great record on the speed that Brabus car reach 330 km/h in the 1996 and continued to the 2003 with the EV12 recorded it can reach 350.2 km/h. In 2006 some refinement to the body has made. In 2006 Brabus Rocket made in small-series automaker based on the Mercedes CLS and improves the power to 365.7 km/h. Since 2011 debuted in Frankfurt, now Brabus Rocket continues the success story by producing the high-performance automobile also based on the new Mercedes CLS.

Brabus Rocket

Abundant modification and refinement already made to give an experience of a completely high-performance sedan. The aerodynamic properties, suspension system and brakes system were modified extensively. Outside the car in the front spoiler equipped with large air inlets and side air vent to guarantee that must be optimal air supply of radiators, oil coolers and front brakes.

The usage of LED system will improve the great performance of the car. To have an optimal aerodynamic balance, the rear wing and rear diffuser for the CLS body has been applied. High-end suspension system also applied to the Brabus Rocket 800. To give the strong brake capability, the Brake Assist system of the CLS is used. To give comfort and convenience to the passenger and driver the whole seats are leathered.

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