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1963 Plymouth

Tuesday, August 7th 2012. | Plymouth

1963 Plymouth is one of many American muscle car. We know that America is a country which have many of muscle car type, but Plymouth is known as one of the legendary American muscle car.


1963 plymouth exterior

In the roffline you can see the smooth flow into the rear panel quarter. The other car which had similar shape was some 1963 chryslers as known as the 1963 buick Riviera. We can see that body side moldings were made from stainless steel and also the windows. But in 1964 the stainless steel was changed into alumunium stampings because its more light and cheap.

Take a look at the bar, as you can see there are  three colored bars which applied in the C-pillars. Then the interior door is made from hood as ornament.

The lamps are very unique because of big and white lenses. Federal government said that amber signal significantly required in the 1963. However Chrysler do some innovation, the use a white lens as esthetics and not illuminated.


1963 plymouth interior

In that time Plymouth was one step ahead from the other competitor in the interior features. It has best bucket seats, it contoured and comfortable. Beside the ford and cevrolet was thick bucket bulky seats.

The door trims made from high quality multitude materials. It apllied on carpeting,molding,medallion etc. maybe the one is not good looking is the oil light. The temperature,alternator and fuel indicator used gauges to make easy  the best driver as can see.




1963 plymouth have three type of engine. First is 318 cid,361 comando engine 2 bbl carb, and 383 cid golden commando engine 4 bbl carb. It is very fast car in that time, with a great acceleration and stable to drive in a high speed.


1963 plymouth suspension

In the front its offer torsion bar suspension and in the rear is Hotchkiss. The 1963 plymouth still has great speed to rides but the handling is not so good. But you can improve it by replaced the tires with the two ply rayon cord goodyear. It will much improved the stability and easy handling.


1963 plymouth transmission

Torqueflites is the best push button transsmison mechanism in that time. In the industry the automatics was the only one which still respected among the others. A parking sprag technology was applied in Chryslers in 1963,before that there was emergency brake located in the rear transmission of output shaft.

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